Our story

CarMoov was born in 2016 from a simple question: how to make the most out of rental vehicles?
Our answer : a vehicle should be available both at the counter and at the end of your fingertips 24/7 through a mobile application! We make this possible for you!

CarMoov is part of the Mobility Founders startup studio together with sister companies PriceMoov, Zeloce and Labacar.
We aim at revolutionizing the way car rental agencies run their operations and are proud to have Rent A Car as a customer and investor.

Our mission

We focus on maximizing your assets rentability:

  • Your fleet’s rotation rate increases thanks to 24/7 disponibility
  • You increase your revenue per unit by giving you the possibility to position your vehicles strategically
  • Your vehicles are available both at the counter and on a carsharing basis
  • You don’t need to manage a standalone fleet to develop your carsharing activity!
  • We offer a comprehensive suite of tools from customer facing applications to agent facing back offices. We help you with setting up the right service from A to Z.

    Our spirit

    Our team is composed of hard motivated workers that believe Mobility is one of the biggest challenge faced by our societies. We aim at rationalizing the way cars and trucks are used. We believe this is better done through cutting edge technologies with an extra dose of good sense!
    We are a talented entrepreneurs team enjoying the next challenge as well as a healthy dose of fun.

    Meet the team

    Thomas Mellinger

    Tomasz Gorka

    Loraine Duclaux

    Romain Fournereau

    Sadik Essaidi